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 Questions, Answers and Facts about the Creative Dance and Movement Program.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.


Q:  How do I keep up to date with the term information and class programming?


A:  We will email information for the start of the new terms.  Please visit the website and click on class locations.  Each centre has their own page with Term information and class photos.  Join in the fun on Facebook to keep up to date:  www.facebook/CDandM


Q : What happens if my child is not happy in the class?


A:  If for any reasons your child is not happy in the class a full refund will be given.  Creative Dance and Movement aims to give your child a passion for dance.  We don’t want them to fear it or dislike, therefore we don’t want to force children to attend just because their parents have paid for it.  We only want children in the class that love being in the class.


Q:  I would like to see the class and find out what my child is doing in dance?


A:  Throughout the year we will invite the parents in to watch the class at the centre.  We always work towards an end of year Christmas Concert at every centre we teach at.


Q:  Can I just pop in and watch a class anytime?


A:  We do not encourage parents to come and watch anytime.  This is because the children are not used to this and have not been prepared for the parent’s arrival.  Every child responds differently to the parents watching.  Your child might be fine, but the shy child might not stand up for the whole class.  I would encourage that you watch in secret as this will not distract the class and wait for the upcoming concert/performance

Q:  My child did not perform at the concert.  Does this mean they don’t like the class?


A:  No! Doing a dance class and performing dance in front of an audience are two very different things.  For some children it takes time to get used to change.  Even getting used to a new teacher is a big deal.   We talk to the children about performing and play games to get them ready.  But some children are just not into that part of the program.  We find that, the more times they perform or are watching performances/concerts, helps to build their confidence.


Q:  We are going on holidays and will miss some of the term.  What should we do?


A:  In this case please only pay for the classes your child will attend.  Please notify Creative Dance and Movement and let us know that you will be away and the dates.


Q:  My child missed a class due to illness.  What happens in this case?


A:  We always try to make the class up for the child.  If we are at a centre over two days we will put them in the other class.  But we do not refund for sick days.


F:  I once had a little boy in my class that was so shy.  He did class with me from 2 years old right through to big school!  For the first two years he never did anything at the little concerts.  His mother was so upset and even angry that she could not see him dance.  At home he would talk about the class and show off his moves.  One day when he was about 4 years old, he just got up and did the whole concert.  After sitting and watching and not performing at about 6 concerts he finally had the confidence to perform.  A beautiful moment for both his mother and his teacher.