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The Health Benefits of Dancing


In a world that is becoming more digitalized day by day, allowing children early access to technology is inevitable. While technology is great and can aid in learning, it can also lead to several negative habits and traits within children who become obsessed with the virtual world.

If you want your child to be more active, flexible, and healthy, you need to tear them away from the screen once in a while. Dance classes for children are great. Even though they could seem challenging at the start, you could educate your child about its benefits.

To help you and your child understand how great dance classes can be, we have compiled a list of their benefits:

1.    Emotional Development

Once your child starts to enjoy dancing, he will learn to express himself through a medium of his choice. Most children need an outlet because they are not very good with words- hence, negative energy keeps getting stored in their system, eventually resulting in tantrums, anger problems, or attention-seeking behaviour.

Dancing provides them with an outlet necessary for emotional release. Children can channel their emotions and energy into a safe space while doing the thing they love. This will also help them develop emotional maturity.

2.    Strength Training

All parents want their kids to be fit and healthy. Ensuring that children take part in physical activities can be draining because let’s face it, they either don’t like the heat, the cold, or they hate running.

Dancing, however, is a fun activity that keeps children fit without them even realizing. Their physical health stays excellent, and they start to build strength- all those dance moves do pay off at the end!

3.    Discipline (perseverance and learning skills)

Even if you think your child is physically fit, strong, and healthy, dancing is still a great exercise to encourage discipline, perseverance, and stronger learning skills.

During dance class, children are more inclined to listen to the teacher’s instructions attentively; otherwise they know they’ll be lost, while all their peers seem to have fun. They will keep trying and failing and trying again till they get the move right. This will encourage resilience and better time management - traits that will work as building blocks in their personality. These skills will later transfer on to their school and work-life as they learn how to balance dance classes with school and extra-curricular activities.

4.    Social Development

Dancing is not a remote activity. It is performed in a class filled with children from different backgrounds and schools.

By being around other kids of similar ages, children learn how to get out of their shell and socialize. Any good dance routine will require constant practice and interaction with your partner. This builds trust and cooperation, teaching children the value of teamwork and lifelong friendships.

5.    Self-Confidence

Growing up, confidence can be tricky. It can make you feel invincible one second, and tear you down the next.

Dancing allows children to feel more connected with themselves and those around them. With a little bit of encouragement, they feel like they can conquer the world. This self-confidence spills out onto other parts of their lives, including at school and in developing relationships.

Looking for Dance Classes?

Our dance classes at Creative Dance and Movement offer a variety of fun activities that include dance, yoga, stretching, drama, and relaxation. We set up classes in your neighbourhood daycare, preschool, and child care centres so that you don’t have to waste time in traffic.

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