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Kids heading to daycare in 2019? Here are some creative classes they might enjoy


As we head into the New Year, many of us have children heading off into the new adventures of joining daycare for the first time.

Here they will engage in a range of creative activities and meet new friends as they continue their developmental journey, with lots of exciting adventures to explore.


Daycare provides a chance for children to tap into their creative sides, awakening this part of their personality through the communities and social environments that come with this phase in their life. These days, many daycare centres opt to include activities and creative classes to engage young imaginations.


Here are some activities you might find at your local daycare centre in 2019.


Crafty classes

If there’s one thing daycare inspires, it’s a creative flair.

Paints, pencils, chalk and mixed media will ignite their artistic side, and most children won't be able to get enough of it.


While setting up art stations at home can assist in their development, it can also be a messy exercise, and the idea of paint in the house can make many parents sweat profusely. Thankfully, there is a range of extra art classes available at centres, where they can be as ‘artistic’ as they like. Because if you aren't messy, are you even creating art?


There is a range of arts and crafts workshops to choose from, depending on the interests of your child or the centre you’re opting for.


LOTE to expand your child's vocabulary

At daycare, your child's awareness of the world around them will grow, and they will likely become fascinated by other countries and cultures. Because of this, it’s sometimes beneficial to opt for daycare centres that have  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) courses for young ones.


These workshops are less about hard lessons on speaking another language and more about unlocking the child's creative side, using hands, minds and emotions to get to know all about the culture of another country. Using this avenue is also a great way to allow your child to learn about various origins and action respect.


Acting up

The dramatic arts are an excellent way to instil confidence in a child and to explore their bold personalities through roleplay.

These days, there are plenty of options to choose from, with children in daycare centres able to participate in an introduction to the thespian arts, as well as courses, classes and workshops for their little minds.


Additionally, there are many entry-level classes available at a range of locations across Australia, while professional organisations now offer versions for daycare level students who show talent and promise, to assist them in reaching the next level of their journey.


Dancing the day away

When it comes to creativity that unlocks both the mind and the body, there is no better option than dancing classes for toddlers.

These sessions allow children to become motivated and inspired by their imagination through the use of music, props, textures and sounds. As they progress through their experience, they’ll achieve better understandings of movement and awareness of their body.

As children dance at daycare, yoga techniques are also used to help strengthen the bond between mind and body, exploring their imagination rather than any form of competition.