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Our Favourite Exercises for a Dancer


Dancing is a form of exercise that involves several muscles. Over time, these muscles need workouts and training to stay in top shape. But given that things are on hold, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, how do young dancers like you maintain their fitness?

Find out the answer in this post as we share our three favourite exercises for dancers.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are great for dancers. They help relax the body, improve muscle flexibility, and enhance blood flow to different parts of your body. Moreover, stretching exercises remove lactic acid from your muscles (which is produced when your body works out) and reduce muscle soreness and risk of potential injuries during dance sessions.

Some of the best stretching exercises for dancers include

  • Arm and Shoulder Stretch and
  • Hamstring stretch

Other types of stretching exercises that you can try including split stretch and quadriceps stretch.

Ankle and Knee Strengthening Exercises

Strong ankles and knees are critical for dancers. Thus, it is best to add on a few ankle and knee strengthening exercises to your workout routine. Strengthening exercises support your body, improve joint flexibility and also help keep your bones strong and healthy. In all, strengthening exercises are great for you, so you can be one of the best dancers in the class.

Some of the best ankle and knee strengthening exercises for dancer include

  • Calf Raise (using a tennis ball)
  • Heel Walks

You can also try including side leg raises and leg extensions to your workout routine for stronger ankle and knees, which are critical for your dance performance.

Balancing Exercises

Whether you are a newbie dancer or an advanced one, having balance and stability as you dance is critical. Only when you have a great balance can you move through your dance move more quickly and effortlessly. However, balance does not come naturally to dancers. They have to pay attention to their movements and stick to a workout routine to improve their overall balance. Some of the exercises that can help improve your balance include

  • Single leg lifts (on the side, in front, and at the back)
  • Walking on toes
  • Seesaw

You don’t only have to rely on these exercises. To be a great dancer, you must always strive to add more physical activity to your routine. So whether you are running errands or dropping your kids at school, try to walk instead of riding a car. Use stairs instead of elevators and strive to achieve a higher level of physical activity.

Your body needs to be healthy and strong in order to support your dance moves. With these favourite exercises for dancers, you can maintain your strength, balance, fitness and achieve a lot more in your dancing career.

To know more about our programs for young dancers, contact us now.